We provide a wide variety of in home services to help you use, understand and enjoy your technology. No job is too big or too small for PC House Calls.

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  • We support Mac OSX and iOS, All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and Adroid OS on Tablets and Phones

  • When you buy a new computer it’s not typically setup the way you would like it to be. That’s where we come in. We can setup your computer, remove unnecessary software, optimize it and integrate it into your home network. In addition we can install software for you to make your computer more enjoyable and useful.

  • We have certified network technicians who have installed hundreds of networks and can come up with creative ways to get you “connected”.

  • Most homes today have wireless networks. However most people don’t realize how important their wireless network security is to keeping their personal information safe. PC House Calls has trained and certified wireless experts who can make sure your wireless network is working properly and is most importantly secure.

  • Most home computers come with some type of anti-virus. Unfortunately it typically runs out after 90 days and users are unaware how at risk their computer systems are. Keeping your data and your home network safe is something we take very seriously. We are familiar with all of the latest hardware and software solutions to protect your computers with the least impact on performance and at the lowest recurring cost to you. If you are looking for the right solution to secure what you value most then you should consider PC House Calls.

  • Almost all computers will be infected by some type of Virus or Malware during their useful life. This infection can cause many problems like slow performance, data corruption, data loss and in some circumstances identity theft. PC House Calls has the expertise to properly diagnose and remove Viruses and Malware to return your system back to proper operation. We then can offer suggestions to safeguard against further infections.

  • Certain programs can cause your system performance to take a serious hit. Other times your use of your computer may change and what once suited your needs no longer does. Both of these problems are easily diagnosed and potentially corrected by the experienced techs at PC House Calls.

  • Consumers are holding onto their technology longer than ever before. Most times technology can be upgraded or enhanced for much less than the cost of purchasing a new computer. We at PC House Calls believe in maximizing the return on your investment by offering recommendations for your existing computing environment based on your needs and budget. Additionally we can always provide recommendations when purchasing a new computer or other technology.

  • Data within a computer is kept on a hard drive. All hard drives at some point in time will fail. When they fail it takes all of the data contained within with it. We at PC House Calls are familiar with common hard drive failures and many times can bring some or all of your data back.

  • Many consumers are purchasing smart phones tablets these days. They are now becoming the main communication devices for consumers and professionals alike. Users want to get the most of these devices. From integrating them into your home network or business network integration, PC House Calls is up to date on these technologies, how to use them, and how to integrate them into your environment.

  • One of PC House Calls strongest offerings is Audio/Video and Home Theater consulting and integration. PC House Calls can help establish your requirements, offer recommendations, install your devices, and show you how to make them work to serve your needs. From suggestions on Bluray players to installing a whole home theater, no job is too big or small for PC House Calls.