Business implementation and support is where PC House Calls really shines. We have 20 years experience working with businesses to implement value added services that meet the business needs and come in on-time and on-budget. If you want a company that focuses on serving small businesses by providing excellent support and cost effective solutions, then you want PC House Calls.

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  • We support Mac OSX and iOS, All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and Adroid OS on Tablets and Phones

  • More and more companies are jumping from their old conventional phone system to a Voice over IP System. PC House Calls has the expertise to support your existing phone system or to help you migrate to a state of the art Shortel or Cisco Voice over IP system.

  • PC House Calls can support your desktops and servers or completely build out your data center. One system or 1000 systems PC House Calls has the knowledge to design, install, and maintain your ideal computing environment.

  • Almost all computers will be infected by some type of Virus or Malware during their useful life. These infections can cause many problems like slow performance, data corruption, data loss and in some circumstances identity theft. PC House Calls has the expertise to properly diagnose and remove Viruses and Malware to return your systems back to proper operation. We then can offer suggestions to safeguard against further infections.

  • We have certified network technicians who have installed hundreds of networks (routers/switches/firewalls/load balancers) and can come up with creative ways to get you “connected”. We specialize in design, implementation, and support of network devices from Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Avaya, Fortinet, and Sonicwall among others.

  • Most businesses today have wireless networks. However most companies don’t realize how important their wireless network security is to keeping their company and personal information safe. PC House Calls has trained and certified wireless experts who can install and verify your business class wireless network is working properly and is most importantly secure. Additionally we perform site survey and performance testing to assure your wireless network is performing as it should.

  • PC House Calls has experience in implementing NAS and SAN solutions for small to medium businesses.

  • Keeping your data safe is one of the strongest passions at PC House Calls. Our teams of security experts are familiar with all types of electronic and physical security methods to keep your property, your equipment, your infrastructure and your intellectual property secured. We also perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to establish where your most significant vulnerabilities are and will come up with creative and cost effective solutions to secure what you value most.

  • Policies and procedures are the basis for standardization and enforcement within an organization. PC House Calls has enterprise wide experience in creating clear and concise policies and procedures that are integral to the operational framework of today‚Äôs business.

  • Certain programs can cause your system performance to take a serious hit. Other times unknown network utilization can slow progress and in turn business processing. PC House Calls has the tools and technology to identify the source of performance problems and create solutions to bring your system and network performance back to where it needs to be.

  • Consumers are holding onto their technology longer than ever before. Most times technology can be upgraded or enhanced for much less than the cost of purchasing a new computer. We at PC House Calls believe in maximizing the return on your investment by offering recommendations for your existing computing environment based on your needs and budget. Additionally we can always provide recommendations when purchasing a new computer or other technology.

  • Many consumers are purchasing smart phones and tablets these days. They are now becoming the main communication devices for consumers and professionals alike. Users want to get the most of these devices. From integrating them into your home network or business network integration, PC House Calls is up to date on these technologies, how to use them, and how to integrate them into your environment.

  • PC House Calls has a PMP certified Project Manager on staff to run all of your IT Projects. Project Managers keep the wheels turning and can be the difference between a project that finishes on time and on budget or a project that runs long and over budget.

  • Data within a computer is kept on a hard drive. All hard drives at some point in time will fail. When they fail it takes all of the data contained within with it. We at PC House Calls are familiar with common hard drive failures and many times can bring some or all of your data back.

  • More and more court cases are involving some type of computer related evidence. The process for gathering this evidence is key to the evidence standing up in court. PC House Calls has the training and certifications to properly forensically collect and evaluate your evidence. In addition PC House Calls has and can provide deposition support or expert witness services during the litigation of the case.